Fraud Alert


Today there are so fake email marketer who send bulk mail to users. So, be-aware from these mails. is committed to ensure the safety of its users. To provide the safest possible environment and users, we recommend our users to take care of few simple security precautions for a safe user experience. There may be instance that users may receive fake mail or fraudulent emails that appears as if it came from and ask for your credentials. TO avoid all these type of activity, please follow the following safety tips: 1. Do not reply to this type of fraudulent email of Fake mails. 2. Do not send any login credentials of any type your rojgarshine and your registered email as well personal email, and don’t share your mobile number or any personal data. 3. DO not open any link which send by mailers. If you have sent any such type of information without being aware of the scam content of the mail, we urge you to change your password immediately. We will never ask you password through email/any communication medium.

Please Note : do not guarantee/commit any job directly or indirectly and do not arrange any interview calls or send any appointment letter directly. Be aware from fake persons /fake websites/fake companies who is using name of and do not pay any amount. Rojgarshine and Barrownz Business Management and Consultancy Services Private Limited will not be responsible directly or indirectly for any such payment made by you/ any use to unknown and unauthorized party/Third party directly or indirectly.