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Welcome to The Web Development Blog where I share my thoughts on working with WordPress, Ubuntu, PHP and a great deal of other "quirky" stuff.I'm Olaf Lederer and the majority of the instructional exercises and code that I share are utilized in my own ventures. As the years progressed, I have gotten so much help and direction from different website admins that I began the Web Development Blog to thus help other people. As a major aspect of my 'normal everyday employment', I am persistently inquiring about SEO, web facilitating and tech stuff. I'll share my perspectives on web facilitating issues, different online administrations and other arranged web programming subjects. Site advancement is the one point that integrates all that I talk about here on Web Development Blog. A lot of what we do as web experts go past composition lines of code. I'll be sharing thoughts and tips on maintaining a web advancement business, webpage plan, and convenience, picture use and devices that make making sites simpler.

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